Best Places to Visit in Monsoon : Must Visit Places During Monsoon


Best Places to Visit in Monsoon 

The monsoon season offers a variety of chances for travellers as well as its own special charm. The monsoon gives a fresh viewpoint and reveals the hidden beauty of numerous places, despite the fact that some people may be reluctant to travel during this season. Monsoon travel may be a wonderfully ( Best Places to Visit in Monsoon ) magical experience because to the verdant scenery, gushing waterfalls, and warm weather.

Best Places to Visit in Monsoon : Destinations for Monsoon Travel

Hill Stations ( Best Places to Visit in Monsoon )

  • Munnar, Kerala, India : Munnar, which is tucked away in the Western Ghats, is known for its verdant tea estates, which spring to life during the monsoon season. It is a visual pleasure as the rain brings out the brilliant colours. A tranquil atmosphere is also produced by the foggy surroundings and stunning waterfalls, such the mesmerising Attukal Waterfalls. This time of year is ideal for trekking and other outdoor activities due to the cold temperature.
  • Cherrapunji, Meghalaya, India : Cherrapunji, dubbed the wettest location on Earth, is a must-see during the monsoon season. The area is home to stunning landscapes that are covered with several waterfalls, including the well-known Nohkalikai Falls. The live root bridges made from rubber tree roots are a fascinating sight. Visitors are guaranteed to be fascinated by the mysterious ambiance that is created by the mist-covered mountains and the refreshing downpour.

Coastal Getaways ( Best Places to Visit in Monsoon )

  • Goa, India : Goa, known for its immaculate beaches and exciting nightlife, changes during the monsoon season. Fewer tourists mean that visitors may relax and take in the peace of the seaside beauty. Beaches are given a romantic touch by the cool monsoon showers, and the Goa Carnival intensifies the celebratory mood. It's the ideal time to partake in water activities, discover the regional food, and experience the local culture.
  • Bali, Indonesia : The rainy season makes Bali, which is renowned for its rich cultural legacy and natural beauty, even more enticing. In the rain-washed environs, Balinese temples like Tanah Lot and Uluwatu emit a mysterious air. With its vivid green colours, Tegalalang's famous rice terraces provide a magnificent sight. The beaches provide a peaceful haven for rest and renewal because of their lower prices and sparser population.
  • Kovalam, Kerala, India: Kerala's beach village of Kovalam is the perfect place to escape the rainy season. The calm beaches, with their golden sands and beautiful sunsets, give visitors a peaceful environment. For those seeking wellness and relaxation, monsoon showers provide a pleasant experience, and Ayurvedic therapies and rejuvenation facilities are widely available. Visitors may fully experience Kerala's backwaters by taking a backwater cruise or booking a houseboat stay.

 Wildlife Sanctuaries ( Best Places to Visit in Monsoon )

  • Dajipur Wildlife Sanctuary  : This is the most famous Sanctury located in kolhapur district. It is famous for Gava. you can visit near by places as well once you are in klhapur district like Mahalaxmi temple, Rautwadi Waterfall  You can check more about Dajipur Wildlife Sanctuary by clicking here , Bhushi Dam
  • Periyar Wildlife Sanctuary, Kerala, India : The Periyar animals Sanctuary is a refuge for those who love animals and is tucked away between deep rainforests and spice farms. The refuge gains a mysterious allure during the monsoon season because to the tranquil atmosphere its rain-washed surrounds produce. To see elephants, tigers, and other animal species, tourists may go on boat safaris. Other well-liked activities that provide visitors a close-up view of the sanctuary's natural splendours include bamboo rafting and nature hikes.