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Rautwadi Waterfall : Lodging and Dinning / Hotels

Resort Name Address Price (INR) Distance Review
Wild View Resort Rautwadi Waterfall, Radhanagari, Olavan, Maharashtra 2500 2km Click here
Orchid Restaurant Datta Mandir, Rautwadi Waterfall, Padali, Maharashtra 2500 8km Click here
Ekant Resort Radhanagri, Maharashtra 3,581 2km Click here
Kshitij Waterfront Resort Rautwadi WaterFall Padali, Radhanagari, Maharashtra 3,000 4km Click here

Hotels near Rautwadi Waterfall

  • Homestays: Some locals in the area might offer homestay accommodations, which can give you a more authentic experience of the region's culture and lifestyle.
  • Camping: If you prefer a more adventurous experience, there might be camping facilities available near the waterfall. Check for campsites that provide tents and basic amenities for a camping stay.

Dining options near Rautwadi Waterfall

  • Local Eateries: Look for small eateries or roadside stalls near the waterfall that serve local dishes and snacks. Trying the local cuisine can be a delightful experience.
  • Restaurants in Lodging Facilities: If you stay at a resort or guesthouse, they often have on-site restaurants that offer a variety of cuisines to cater to the guests' needs.
  • Pack a Picnic: You can also consider packing a picnic with your favorite snacks and beverages to enjoy amidst the natural beauty of the waterfall.

Rautwadi Waterfall information in Marathi

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Rautwadi Waterfall Distance from Kolhapur

The distance from kolhapur to Rautwadi waterfall is 55 Km. you can reach in 2 hrs approximately. You can follow this route, 
Kolhapur - Ghotawade - Gudal -  Padali -Rautwadi Waterfall - 59km 

Reviews of Rautwadi Waterfall

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